Everything you need to know about making money with Sniffspot

Written by Emma Kansiz

Published 2022-07-05 / 4 min read

Love pets but don’t necessarily want to commit to boarding and walking them? Have a beautiful garden or acreage that deserves some use? Combine the two and make some extra money using Sniffspot.

What is Sniffspot?

Sniffspot is one of the most original and innovative ideas we’ve seen emerge from the sharing economy. Far from being just another dog walking platform, it is aiming to revolutionize how pets access leisure space in urban and rural areas. Sniffspot is based on the premise of turning your spare land (whether its a garden, acreage, or personal land) into a place for pets to exercise and play. Whether you offer a fully fenced yard, a handmade obstacle course, or rolling fields, there are pets out there who will enjoy your land to the fullest! It is currently available in the U.S and Canada, with more international locations being added all the time.

Sniffspot connects you to pet owners who want to find a safe and practical place for their dog to enjoy the outdoors. As every pet owner knows, it can be hard to find open space in an urban environment and even harder to find off-leash parks. For apartment dwellers this can be frustrating. And dogs can run 20 miles an hour, meaning they have tons of energy to expend! Ensuring that they don’t run off into traffic or chase after someone else’s pet can be a hassle. Want to be part of the solution? Read on.

How does Sniffspot's earning structure work?

Sniffspot pays via direct deposit to your bank account once a month. This means you can accumulate earnings and enjoy a nice boost to your income in one go, but might be frustrating for people who want money coming in more regularly.  

Most posts will range from $5-$15 per dog per hour. You can add an additional fee for two or more dogs. You can set your own rate, taking into consideration the acreage, natural features, and any special toys or obstacle courses that you have.

Some participants are earning $1500 a month from the site, but this is not necessarily representative of most users. Your earnings will obviously reflect the level of interest in your property and how much demand there is in your area. It is a good idea to gauge the level of bookings before constructing a budget based on your earnings. Income can and will fluctuate with the seasons, as well, and you might see a bump in the spring and early summer, when being outdoors is more desirable.

What is the time commitment for Sniffspot?

Like many platforms of this nature you can design your own schedule and choose your own availability. This platform is convenient because it utilizes your space, rather than your time. By that we mean you don’t need to be actively ‘on’ for the hours that you are booked on the app. The pet and their owner can enjoy your space while you are off doing your own thing or enjoying a hobby in your home. So you don’t have to spend the time socializing or actively earning your keep, if you will. In fact, you don’t even have to be home! A lot of successful hosts simply leave their garden’s back door open or provide instructions to the pet owner on entry.

You can have your home available whenever you want. After work, early mornings, weekends - take your pick. As mentioned, you can host even when you won’t be at your residence, freeing up more space on your calendar and allowing you to maximize your earnings each week. If you coordinate effectively with pet owners you can even go away for a weekend and still have pet owners booking your property and letting themselves in. 

This is a great option for people who work full time or those with a busy personal or social life. You can work a few side gigs and then keep Sniffspot running in the background, accruing some extra cash here and there.

How to get started with Sniffspot?

To begin, get on the website and set up a profile. You can use Apple, Google, Facebook, or your email. Once your account is up and running, fill out some basic information, including contact details and location. 

Add ten or more photos of your space, highlighting the natural beauty and any features. Set your availability on the nifty in-app calendar. Green means a time slot is full and white means that it is available. 

Fill out the details of your land, emphasizing any special features, amenities, and spatial configurations. Write an inviting intro that reflects your passion for pets. Don’t hesitate to list any qualities or experiences you possess, particularly if they are pet-related or pertain to safety or training certifications. 

Once set up you can wait for pet owners to contact you with inquiries or requests to book a given time slot. This opens a line of communication with the pet owner and allows you to gauge their demeanor. The pet owner will upload a photo of themselves with their pet for safety reasons - that way you can confirm their identity when they get to your property. 

You are free to impose any special rules and restrictions when it comes to the use of your green space. This could pertain to off-limit zones or any special precautions the pet owner might need to take. All guests must sign a Sniffspot waiver before the use of any property hosted on the platform. They must also provide you with proof of vaccines and flea prevention. Pet owners are verified through their email and credit card so you can be rest assured that the person behind the profile is legit. Once the booking has taken place both host and pet owner have the opportunity to rate the other and leave a review. This keeps the system trustworthy and weeds out unsavory characters or irresponsible pet owners or hosts.

Sniffspot requirements

Required Resources

Sniffspot requires you to have your own land available for the pets on the platform. They recommend that the space be fenced in, with plenty of space for pets to run around. Water features or special obstacle courses or hills will enhance the likelihood of being a popular property on the site. They note that unfenced yards of fields that are less than half an acreage in size are not ideal for the site and aren’t as competitive. That being said, these kinds of properties are not precluded but seeing as the safety of the pets is top of mind, an unfenced space will not draw in many pet owners.

We recommend kitting your place out to make it more attractive to pet owners. You don’t need to go wild but adding some agility equipment or toy features will help you stand out. Consider constructing a small shed or a place where dogs can relax in the shade after running amok on your land! Ensure that your land is safe - no exposed nails, rusting tools, or sharp corners. You should clean up and move clutter to your storage shed if you have one. You must keep the safety of the pets at the forefront of your mind. This will also allow you to take a hands-off approach, earning true passive income.

Required Skills

A love of pets is the most rudimentary skill necessary for success on this platform. Basic or intermediate knowledge of dogs and their behavior will enable you to be more successful and ensure the safety of pets on your property at all times. Many pets involved in the platform are sensitive, reactive, or have social troubles, making dog parks difficult and stressful for them. Ensure you are comfortable interacting with different temperaments and training levels. Not all dogs will be well-behaved or well-trained, so patience if you plan on interacting with the pets and their owners is vital.  

A friendly and warm personality is vital as you will be interacting with pet owners in person and through the messenger function on the app. The review function ensures that pet owners and hosts are kept accountable to high standards of care and professionalism. When your land is booked you need to snap into a self-employed mindset, with hospitality, efficiency, and helpfulness at the core of all your interactions. You don’t need to be an all-out people person but you do need to be gracious and forthcoming with any of the pet owners that you come into contact with.

Required Documents

When you sign up you simply need to provide your contact information.

Sniffspot is easier to get started with than some other side gigs out there. You don’t need a vehicle or driver’s license, nor do you need an extensive background check or credit check. That means you can get signed up quickly and start earning money as soon as your listing is live and people want to book.

Other important details

Sniffspot offers up to $2 million dollars of liability insurance and $5000 of damage protection, providing you with extra peace of mind. They also require that pets involved in their program have all of their vaccinations. They also require pet owners to clean up after their pets, ensuring you won’t stumble upon any unpleasant surprises after graciously hosting their fluffy friends. Sniffspot also prohibits pet owners from entering the home during their booking. So you shouldn’t have to worry about pet owners snooping around or peering through your windows. It is explicitly insinuated that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated because the profiles are all based upon peer reviews. 

You don’t need pets of your own to participate on the platform, you just need a space for pet owners to use. If you do have pets of your own you are expected to keep them in the home when the other animals are there using your space. Why? Sniffspot wants to enhance the lives of sensitive and reactive dogs - dogs that may get overstimulated, aggressive, or skittish among other dogs or in unfamiliar spaces. Respect the demeanor of these animals and keep your own pets somewhere safe where they won’t be interacting with the pet using your property. That is, of course, unless the pet owner specifically inquires about your pets and invites them to play during the time slot. Always have consideration top of mind.

Our review

Sniffspot is a great option for a more hands-off, passive income stream. There are hosts on the site earning upwards of $1000 per month with little effort or involvement. We love that it monetizes space you might not have given a second thought to. Sniffspot has a strong community feel and it cultivates a network of pet-lovers across a town or municipality. We love the friendly, warm, rapport-based energy of the site and the transparency and personability of the owners and creators of the platform. This is a side gig you can feel good about participating in.  

One important thing to keep in mind is that not every space qualifies for the site, and you may end up self-disqualifying when you think through some of the drawbacks involved. This includes having pets dig up your grass and create piles of dirt that you’ll have to landscape and also involves pets eating your plants and flowers. If you’re big into gardening or backyard farming this opportunity might prove too stressful for you to actually get much benefit out of. If you are committed, we recommend fencing off your garden and reinforcing any fences or posts that might get damaged by pets.  

Sniffspot is a super niche side gig, we won’t lie. You need to have a substantial amount of green space or a spacious garden - something lots of city dwellers can’t claim to have access to. That means that, compared to other side gigs, Sniffspot disqualifies lots of people by the very nature of the service. But for those who do meet the space requirements, and have a love of pets, this can be a lucrative and super lowkey side gig to consider. We love the idea of combining this gig with a full-time job and a few other side gigs that can be picked up and put down whenever it's convenient. That way you can maximize your time, your space, and your earnings in one fell swoop!