Everything you need to know about making money with Poshmark

Written by Emma Kansiz

Published 2022-07-05 / 4 min read

Fancy yourself something of a style maven? Constantly getting compliments on your cutting-edge looks? Perhaps you have a closet brimming with yesterday’s treasures, and you’re keen to make some money from your great finds. Enter Poshmark. The purpose of this nifty app is to help you clear out your closet and make money in the process. Your clothes from last year might just be tomorrow’s dream look for someone else.

What is Poshmark?

Founded in 2011, Poshmark is a social commerce site where users can buy and sell used fashion, homeware, and electronics. That’s right - you’re not just limited to clothing. There are currently over 80 million users, guaranteeing that your pre-loved items will find a new home. Poshmark differs from its competitors like eBay because it has social features. You can follow and like other users, creating a community feel to the app.

How does Poshmark's earning structure work?

Poshmark is groovy because you get to set your own prices. While items are generally sold at a 50-70% markdown from the original price, use your discretion and do some research if you have particularly special or covetable items. People are willing to spend more for sneakers, athletic wear, and trending brands.  

Poshmark takes a commission of 20% on sales that amount to $15 or more. For smaller sales, Poshmark will take a flat fee of $3. It is a high fee structure, we won’t lie, but the seamless experience and the support Poshmark offers justifies the fee in most cases.  

You will only get paid on Poshmark once your item is delivered to the buyer and they have approved the purchase. To track your package and ensure it is being delivered, your shipment is protected if you use Poshmark’s prepaid and pre-addressed shipping labels. Poshmark can directly deposit your profits into your bank account, but you can also get paid by cheque. You are also able to keep the money in your account and make purchases of your own with it. 

One of the benefits of Poshmark is that Poshmark includes sales tax in all purchases. Keep tabs on your sales so you can include this income in your tax return. We always recommend that side hustlers consider getting a high quality accountant to help them with any tax inquiries, however. Nothing puts a dent in your earning potential and peace of mind like an unexpected tax liability. Keep track of orders and income so you have an idea of how much you might need to put away in case you are left owing money at tax time.

What is the time commitment for Poshmark?

Setting up your Poshmark account is a pinch, and there is no required time commitment involved for sellers. That being said, there is a small time commitment up front in order to create a compelling profile with desirable items. This initial investment of time includes taking well-lit, high quality photos, listing your items, and describing them in an eye-catching way. A few hours dedicated to this task on the front end will make your experience more rewarding and profitable.

Depending on how many items you want to sell on Poshmark, your experience can be very hands-on or very hands-off. If you list items here and there, then Poshmark will operate in the background as a way to make some pocket money, if you will. If you want to be a more involved seller you may find yourself dedicating upwards of ten hours a week to list items, coordinate deliveries, and manage your profile. Poshmark is great because it can be set up and managed from the comfort of your own home. You can schedule trips to the post office in a way that is most convenient for you. Bonus? You don’t have to spend a day at a market or at a stall trying to sell your used goods to shoppers, or hopping from consignment store to consignment store trying to make some coin.   

That being said, there are certainly people who make Poshmark more of a full-time venture. These sellers will spend hours per week perusing thrift shops, flea markets, and Facebook Marketplace for treasures that they can sell and make a profit from on Poshmark.

How to get started with Poshmark?

Easy as pie - Poshmark will ask you for basic information such as name and contact details. You can also connect your Google or Facebook account for ease of access. Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your profile. Add a small bio and connect your website or personal blog. 

From there you can start selling items directly on the app by clicking the Sell button in the middle of the banner at the bottom of the app. You will need to provide a photograph and a description for each item you sell. You can upload up to 17 pictures, but focus on quality over quantity. Lighting goes a long way. Add details, including size, fit, brand, and condition. You can provide care and washing instructions or instructions for homeware and electronic items. For clothing, mention whether it is new with tags or new without tags. Be honest if the item is in fair condition. The worst case on Poshmark is sending someone an item that doesn’t meet their expectations. If your used items are in ratty condition, consider finding another home from them. You don’t want to saturate your profile with subpar, dumpy clothes and goods. This will dilute the high quality items that you do have on offer. 

Once you have made your first sale, Poshmark will send you a shipping label. It also offers priority shipping. Just bring your item to the post office, place them in a free priority envelope and send away! You are one step closer to getting paid!

Poshmark requirements

Required Resources

All you need to begin selling on Poshmark are a phone and items to sell! Be cognizant that not all items are in demand, and some items will command more or less attention than others. Poshmark lists the top categories and brands so you can gain some understanding of what is selling. It doesn’t hurt to list everything you have because you never know what might grab someone’s eye - but be realistic and honest with yourself. Browse trends on Instagram or Tiktok if you want to get a sense of what brands and aesthetics are making waves, and consider curating your listings with trends in mind.

Access to a post office is important in order to get your items out to buyers in a timely fashion. If you live in a rural area be sure you have access to transportation that can take you to a post office.

Required Skills

While not required by any means, an eye for style and emerging trends will serve you well as a Poshmark seller. Because of the saturation of items on offer, you want to ensure that you have a strong idea of what is attracting customers. You don’t need to be a slave to trends and brands but it helps to have an appreciation for style and the fashion industry if you want to make consistent money with Poshmark. 

You must also be willing and able to cultivate a presence on the app. Be communicative and timely in your responses to buyer requests. Be warm and helpful and provide answers to inquiries when they arise. It is a fast moving marketplace and you don’t want to be missing out on sales because you’re not paying adequate enough attention to your account.

Required Documents

Poshmark is such an accessible app because it doesn’t require any fancy credentials or documents. Because you are selling from the comfort of your home you don’t need any special license or registration when you are just getting started.

Other important details

Poshmark takes the guesswork out of selling and coordinating orders. Once an item from your store is sold Poshmark will send you an email with a shipping label. You will print the label and attach it to your parcel before sending it off. This makes tracking the progress of your parcel a breeze and will also serve you well if an issue arises with a customer claiming that they didn’t receive a package. You might get the occasional issue where a customer is not happy and wishes to return an item. They have three days to request a refund. While this can be a drag, Poshmark puts the onus on the buyer to demonstrate via photographic evidence why they aren’t happy with the item. This allows sellers to be confident that buyers won’t just pull a bait and switch on them once they receive their item. 

If you want to become a regular seller on Poshmark do some market research into your niche. Some of the best selling items on Poshmark include sneakers, sandals, athletic gear, and skirts. Consider creating a theme for your profile, whether it be retro, nineties, or upscale athleisure. Creating a niche can help you find and keep a loyal audience. On the subject of loyal audiences, don’t hesitate to add some free goodies into your packages to grow your reputation and encourage return customers. Even a small handwritten note goes a long way. It should go without saying, but ensure that your item is clean, ironed, and laundered before sending it off!

Poshmark allows you to take initiative and grow your following. You can participate in Posh Parties, where a certain theme or category is highlighted. This can help get your listed items to a larger audience. Follow users who have a style you enjoy and grow your own follower count as a result. You are also able to offer deals and specials to specific people. If you notice that a user has liked some of your items without reaching out to you, why not reach out to them with a 20% discount? This can turn a passive fan into an active customer.

Our review

Poshmark gets high marks where we’re concerned. It is intuitive to use, easy to sign up for and manage, and fun to monitor. While it requires a lot of front end work for those who want to make it a consistent, profitable endeavor, it is super low effort for those who just want to make some money on the side every now and again. The only caveat with this app is that it won’t be a massive income booster if you only have a few items to sell. Once these are sold you won’t have any more money coming in unless you are constantly shopping and replenishing your listings.  

Because more casual users can’t expect to make their fortune on Poshmark, we recommend it as an option to supplement pre-existing income or as a third side hustle. It is not uncommon for people to have a full time job, a side gig with Uber or Skip the Dishes, and then a third gig running in the background like Poshmark. It is a great opportunity because it divorces your time from your earning potential. While many side gigs enable you to trade your time for a fixed income, Poshmark allows you to earn money more passively, and allows you to free up your spare time to focus on passions (or other income streams!)

We also like what we’ve seen when it comes to Poshmark’s customer service and support. They are a first point of contact in handling guest complaints and refund requests, freeing you up to focus on growing your store. They are responsive in dealing with inquiries and have a transparent relationship with both buyers and sellers. In our mind this justifies the high commission that Poshmark takes on orders as they are actively helping you make your business possible.  

There is basically no risk involved so we would suggest setting up a Poshmark account when you have a spare moment. You won’t lose anything, but you may stand to gain some extra money every now and again. Poshmark can also help you meet your decluttering goals in a responsible and ethical way. The less that ends up in a landfill the better, and your item might be just the thing someone else was dreaming about!