Everything you need to know about making money with Decluttr

Written by Emma Kansiz

Published 2022-07-05 / 4 min read

Minimalism is all the rage these days, right? And what gets to the heart of minimalism more than the sacred act of decluttering? Intrigued? Good. Enter Decluttr. Decluttr is a solution for all you pack rats out there who are finally willing to part with your precious belongings. And what better incentive than the promise of some extra pocket money? So get your items out of the attic, clear the cobwebs out of your closet, and keep reading for more intel on this exciting side hustle.

What is Decluttr?

Decluttr was designed with sustainability in mind. They want to help you recycle and rehome your electronics, books, homeware, and games. Their particular niche is electronics and refurbished tech. Because e-waste is a growing concern in landfills across the world, Decluttr is a responsible way to keep your unwanted items circulating in the sharing economy rather than collecting dust in a dump. Decluttr helps you get rid of DVD’s, video games, and books that are taking up space in your home but that someone else might be actively collecting.

Decluttr works differently than other online marketplaces. They buy directly from prospective sellers and pay them directly, as well. From there, the item belongs to Decluttr and they handle all sales, inquiries, and shipping logistics. This makes it a great option for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of managing an online store or committing time to a side hustle.

How does Decluttr's earning structure work?

In order to create a sale request to Decluttr you must have at least one tech item or ten media items to sell with a value of over $5. They accept up to 100 items in one order! More incentive to raid your cupboards! Iphone’s, tablets, and computers in good shape can command upwards of $200. Newer computer models with great storage can earn you upwards of $600! If you are selling media items like books or DVDs don't expect to make a fortune. For media, generally, you can expect to make anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per item, depending on condition and covetability.  

You will get an estimate of how much you can expect to earn, but be advised that you might get less once Decluttr has assessed your package. They conduct a visual inspection and test the functionality and quality of the item you have sent. It is obviously in your interest to be honest about the quality, and to only send in items that are still usable if you hope to make a profit. Decluttr does accept broken items which they will recycle responsibly but don’t expect to earn income from broken goods. Decluttr is a fair platform, however, and through their Tech Price Promise they will give you two weeks to accept or reject the revised price, if there is one. You can deny it and they will send you your item back free of charge.   

Decluttr pays you the day after your items arrive at one of their reception points. They pay via Paypal or direct deposit. They also have an option that allows you to donate the money to charity.

Decluttr makes their profit by selling refurbished electronics and media items at a higher price than they buy them off sellers. The prices are fair and competitive and significantly cheaper than buying new tech. 

What is the time commitment for Decluttr?

Because you sell your items directly to Decluttr, rather than to individual customers browsing the site, the time commitment is low. Decluttr organizes the reselling, marketing, and listing of the items it buys from sellers, minimizing your involvement in the process. The main time commitment is at the front-end and involves collecting your used tech and media goods to document and photograph for Decluttr. 

Decluttr is a good one-off way to make some extra income, but is not a reliable and consistent side gig for most people. We recommend it as an option to keep in the background as a way to both earn some pocket money and make responsible, sustainable choices during your decluttering journey.

With that being said, setting up a profile, describing your items, and sending them off if they are accepted will probably take less than four hours, depending on how much you have. The site is intuitive to use and allows you to use a drop box feature and a barcode scanner to easily locate your item in their system and to request the sale to Decluttr. They will provide you a quote instantly, reducing the time spent waiting in the wings for a response. The whole process of setting up an account and sending off your items can happen in one business day.  

How to get started with Decluttr?

To register you can simply fill out the registration form on their website, which asks for basic contact information. After you have created your Decluttr account you can get a valuation on your items instantly. Select the make and model of your tech device and the condition and Decluttr will give you a valuation, which is valid for 28 days (giving you time to upgrade your item before selling it, or just a chance to sleep on it). Once it has arrived at their warehouse, they will check for faults in your tech and erase all data that you may have inadvertently left behind. This allows them to price your item and appropriately label its condition for buyers on the site. 

For books, DVD’s, and games you can simply enter the barcode or use their app to scan the barcode via your phone’s camera! You can get a price estimate instantly, incentivizing you to declutter your home and make money effortlessly. Once your items have arrived, Decluttr will verify the condition and if they are not suitable for resale they will liaise with one of their affiliated recycling partners.    

Once your sale to Decluttr has been processed, they will send you a free shipping label via email. Tape it to your box and send it off to Decluttr! If you need multiple boxes there is a _print additional labels_ option that you can access via your account.

Decluttr requirements

Required Resources

All you really need is some tech or entertainment goods to sell. Keep in mind that you can sell items with cracked screens or buttons but you must list them as faulty when you are filling out the submission form. You have three options to select: good, poor, or faulty. As mentioned, they won’t pay for water damaged or completely broken phones or tech but they will recycle them with one of their trusted affiliates.  

Additionally, if you have media goods like games or books you must describe the quality. They won’t accept water-damaged books or ones that are missing pages. Ditto for DVD’s, games, and CD’s. They are not currently accepting magazines, VHS tapes, Vinyl records, or cassettes. Books won’t score you that much where earnings are concerned, unless they are textbooks or coffee table books. That being said, if you have thousands of books that you were just going to donate anyways, you could stand to make a nice sum when you otherwise wouldn’t. The same holds true for CD’s and DVD’s. It may come as a surprise to you but there are avid collectors out there and they are constantly perusing sites like Decluttr for new treasures to add to their collections.   

Decluttr also accepts Kindles, smartwatches, video game consoles, GoPro cameras and speakers. They have also recently started accepting Lego! If you have Lego bricks lying around, consider Decluttr - they accept and pay out for Lego by the weight.

Required Skills

Decluttr is one of the most accessible side hustles to get involved with. You basically don’t need any special skills or talents in order to profit off of their program. All you really need are items to sell and the ability to take photographs, describe them appropriately and send them off to a Decluttr warehouse. This makes it an ideal way to make side money for busy students, workers, or parents.

Required Documents

No documents are required! Be aware, however, that Decluttr has an extensive anti-theft program in place and they run all electronics through a database that alerts them if the phone or computer has been registered as lost or stolen. Not that we think you’ll be running a stolen phone racket or anything, but be aware that they have stringent processes in place to make sure that they are not promoting trade in stolen goods.

Other important details

Picture this: you’ve sent your electronics in and you wake up in the middle of the night with the dreaded realization - you haven’t deleted your private accounts or files! Fear not. Decluttr completely wipes your electronics before selling them and they are committed to your privacy. They use PhoneCheck, a data erasure service. You don’t have to worry about a stranger getting a hold of your private messages or photos. 

Decluttr also offers incentives for sellers to become buyers on the site, as well. If you are looking to upgrade your tech, why not shop around on Decluttr to buy something refurbished at a massive discount from the retail price. If you sell over $150 worth of tech items (a phone, tablet, computer, or game console) to Decluttr and place an order to purchase something within 14 days then you will get a $20 discount. 

Our review

Decluttr is a solid business doing important work for sustainability. E-waste continues to grow and it has raised environmental concerns, including leaching and poisoning of groundwater and soil systems. The longer we can keep electronics in circulation, the better. Upgrading your phone is a luxury, but you can do so in a responsible manner by rehoming your older model to someone who will continue to get value from it. We love Decluttr because it allows people to have access to cheaper electronics than they might normally be able to afford and it allows you to feel good about recycling your tech and media goods ethically. With Decluttr you don’t have to wait for prospective customers to find your item, unlike other giants like Poshmark and eBay. Decluttr buys directly from you, which is a great way to get a lump sum of cash into your account fast!

Because of the constraints on what you can sell, Decluttr is a great background option to make some extra cash but it is unlikely to become a full time side gig unless you have a significant collection of tech or media goods that need selling. If you have a niche that appeals to collectors you might have better luck making consistent money. But realistically, we only have so many spare iPhones, tablets, and laptops to sell on the internet. For that reason, it doesn’t hurt to set up an account and throw some listings up but it is best approached as an occasional money making endeavor. We always suggest creating a few income streams or side hustles, and Decluttr definitely fits in neatly with this strategy.

For those who want to make a more consistent income with their used or secondhand goods, it would make more sense to dedicate more time and effort to platforms like Poshmark or Depop, where you can consistently buy used goods and resell them directly.     

Although there have been reports that Decluttr has made the occasional mistake in assessing the value of items, they have a high TrustPilot rating and all accounts point to them having a reliable and helpful customer service team. They are a legitimate and values-based company that you can feel safe engaging with. Go scour your cupboards and shelves for goods you no longer need and make your used tech work for you. If you are looking to save money, why not make your purchases through Decluttr, as well? You could save hundreds off the retail price of phones, tablets, and computers, which will aid you in your money management and saving journey.