Who we are

Our mission is to help you gain financial freedom. The two key pillars we believe that lead to financial freedom are:
  1. Earning: ability to earn the money you need
  2. Time: owning your time so you can live the life you want
We create tools and content to help people earn money on their time and then create a sustainable financial future.

Editorial integrity policy

At GigMatch, we know what makes us valuable to our readers is our accuracy. Our goal is to help readers maximize their potential in earnings and life. We are responsible for providing readers with accurate and unbiased information To accomplish this, we have editorial standards in place to make sure that happens every day, with every piece of information we share. In the simplest form, this means we keep any and all advertisers and their input completely separate from our editorial team. That means you are always reading our insights, not what our advertisers want us to say.

How we make money

Our editorial team and writers do not receive any direct compensation from advertisers unless explicitly stated. The offers promoted our our website are sometimes from companies who compensate us. Sometimes the offers on the site are not from companies who compensate us and are simply offers we think will best benefit our readers. Some offers that appear on our site from companies who compensate us may impact how and where products and companies appear on our site. This may include the order in which they appear, the categories they are included in, and the imagery and offer specifics. However, this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include an exhaustive list of all products available on our website.